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Sponsored by Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía y Física and the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, the Colloquium on Quantum Groups and Hopf Algebras will be held in La Falda,  Córdoba, Argentina, from August 9th. to 13th., 1999.


Organizing committee:

Nicolás Andruskiewitsch (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba),
Walter Ferrer Santos (Universidad de la República, Montevideo),
Hans-Jürgen Schneider (Universität München).




Monday to Friday.


A. Abella Compact matrix quantum groups arising from unitary coalgebras
M. Aguiar Infinitesimal Hopf algebras
J. Alev Primitive quotients of Uq(sl(2)) and their automorphisms
M. Beattie Twistings of H-comodule algebras and Galois objects
S. Caenepeel Separable functors applied to the category of Doi-Hopf modules
M. Cohen Invariants of the adjoint coaction
J. Cuadra On the Brauer Group of a Cocommutative Coalgebra
Y. Doi The trace formula for braided Hopf algebras
W. Ferrer Santos Galois connections for incidence Hopf algebras of partially ordered sets
M. Graña Factorization results for Nichols algebras
J. J. Guccione Hochschild Homology of Twisted Tensor Products
T. Hayashi A canonical Tannaka duality
A. Masuoka Cocycle deformations and Galois objects for some cosemisimple Hopf algebras
S. Natale Semisimple Hopf algebras of dimension pq2
D. Nikshych Quantum groupoids and their applications
D. Radford Integrals for Hopf Algebras without Hopf Modules
M. Ronco Dendriform algebras and pre-Lie algebras
S. Sachse On the Operator Representations of U_q(isl(2,R)) at |q| = 1
B. Scharfschwerdt The theorem of Nichols - Zoeller and hopfalgebras in the category of Yetter-Drinfeld modules
P. Schauenburg A quantum Kac sequence
H.-J. Schneider Finite quantum groups and Cartan matrices
Y. Sommerhäuser The structure of Yetter-Drinfel'd Hopf algebras over groups of prime order
A. Solotar Hocschild cohomology of invariants of the Weyl algebra
M. Takeuchi Survey of braided Hopf algebras
A.Tiraboschi Quasi-Lie bialgebras with quasi-triangular decomposition
R. Trinchero Star structures and Integrable Models
S. Westreich On generalized invariants of injective nonsingular module algebras
M. Yan Positive Hopf Algebra and Set-theoretical Yang-Baxter equation
Y. Zhu Transitive Hopf algebra actions


The activity will begin on Monday 9th. in the morning and finish on Friday afternoon. We plan free time on Wednesday after lunch including probably an excursion.
There will be a xerox machine available.


Applications for attending the colloquium can be addressed by e-mail to Nicolás Andruskiewitsch (, or by fax to : +54 (0351)-4334054. The deadline for applications is June 30th., 1999. Please fill in the following questionnaire: 

Room reservation:  Single Double 
In case of double room, second occupant: 
Food:  In case of ansewering "Other", specify: 

Hotel:  The Colloquium will take place at the "Hotel del Lago", in La Falda, Córdoba. La Falda is 80 km far from the city of Córdoba in a mountain area. The Hotel is located at 2 km of the center of La Falda near a lake. All the rooms have central heating.

Phone: (54) (3548) 422 407

Fax: (54) (3548) 421 266

The price of the lodgement including full meal is u$ 190 from Sunday 8th. afternoon to Saturday 14 th. in the morning. The extra charge for single room is u$ 5 per night.


To get to Córdoba from abroad, you can fly with Varig (a brazilian airline), which has direct (daily) flights from Sao Paulo or Río de Janeiro to Córdoba. You can also get to Córdoba through Buenos Aires; in this case you arrive to the International Airport of  Ezeiza, then you can take a bus (Compañía Manuel Tienda de León) to the home-flights airport (Aeroparque  Jorge Newbery ).  From the home-flights airport there are flights to Córdoba each hour.

The system  Amadeus provides information about the times of the flights.

There will be two minibuses to take people from the Córdoba Airport to the hotel on Sunday 8th.: one in the morning (around 10) and one in the afternoon (around 15). The price of the minibus is u$ 8 per person (approximately, to be confirmed in this page).

It is important for us to know your time of arrival if you want to go in any of these minibuses.

If you are not going to travel in one of the minibuses, then you can either

More information:

Argentine current money is the peso.The value of one peso is one US dolar.  Taxis, restaurants, etc., can usually be paid with US dolars instead of pesos. We will organize change of money (only u$ to pesos) on Monday morning.

August is still winter in Argentina. The weather in Córdoba is still cool, specially at the evening. We suggest to bring appropiate clothes. The hotel has heating.

The city of  Córdoba has 1.300.000 inhabitants. The Universidad Nacional de Córdoba is more than 400 years old.

For any questions about arrivals please contact:

Phone numbers: Facultad de Matemática Astronomía y Física:
+54-(351)-4334051                        (N. A.: Interno 206).

Fax: +54 (351)-4334054.

Address: FAMAF, Ciudad Universitaria, 5000 Córdoba, Argentina.

Home number, N. A.: +54 (351)-4680825.

54 is Argentina, 351 is Córdoba. Calling from Argentina you should add a 0 before 351.

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