Here you can find some of my actual and not so actual research lines.

Capture an release processes in Semiconductor Quantum Dots

Interatomic Coulombic Electron Capture (ICEC) is a capture and release process which was proven to be possible in double quantum dots. It was first proposed for atomic dimers and is a process were one electron is captured by one of the atoms and the released energy is used to ionize the neighboring atom. ICEC is related to the Inter Coulombic Decay (ICD) processes, and it can be conceptualized using a virtual photon mechanism as well, but it is not a resonant process. The model used consists of two aligned dots separated by a distance R in a quasi-onedimensional nanowire. We are interested in a regime where the dots are not identical, they have only one bound state each, and the separation R is long enough to prevent electrons from tunneling between them. Since ICEC is not a resonant process, it can be in principle accessible in a wide range of energies. However we have found that in the quasi-onedimensional regime, the process shows enhancements for some definite values of the incoming electron momentum. In this case the reaction probabil- ity for ICEC was estimated to be of the order of 1%. Another ICEC related process was analyzed by allowing one of the dots to have one more bound state. In this setup a delocalized resonance between dots, which can decay through ICD, aids the process and a huge increase in the reaction probability is found reaching values up to 20%.

Stability for three body systems immersed in a plasma

Interactions between particles inmersed in a plasma are screened because of the presence of a charged background. As a result pure Coulomb interactions turn to short range interactions. Bound states, dynamics and structure of plasmas have then a very particular behavior.

Efimov Effect

Efimov effect (after a russian physicist) is a universal feature present in three body systems (some 4, 5 and even 6 body features are now been studied). The most simple case to see the effect is that of three bosons interacting with short range potentials. The effect consists on the appeareance of an infinite number of bound states at threshold when the two body scattering lenght diverges. These states are also borromean.