Botrix changelog.

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v1.0.1 (April 25 2020)
  • New features:
    • Command that auto generates waypoints. It analyzes the map very neatly, creating waypoints for bots. This command should be used as first step in creating waypoints for the map.
      WARNING: for good bots performance you should edit waypoints anyway.
    • Analyze feature can also be executed automatically on map change (when the waypoints amount is low). Auto save waypoints is also available.
    • Bot now can erase unreachable paths between waypoints (which could be added by the analyze command).
    • Next console commands are added:
      • botrix waypoint analyze toggle: start / stop analyzing waypoints for current map
      • botrix waypoint analyze create: create given waypoint during map analyze
      • botrix waypoint analyze debug: show collision lines for given waypoint during map analyze
      • botrix waypoint analyze omit: omit given waypoint during map analyze
      • botrix waypoint analyze trace: ray trace moveable entities (such as objects) during map analyze

      • botrix path debug: time to show lines that indicate path creation / problems

      • botrix item mark: mark object with given flags (such as explosive / heavy, so bot doesn't try to lift it up)

      • botrix config waypoint analyze amount: amount of waypoints to analyze per frame
      • botrix config waypoint analyze distance: default distance between waypoints when analyzing the map
      • botrix config waypoint analyze map-change: force analyze waypoints on map change when there are no waypoints
      • botrix config waypoint save: auto save waypoints on map change
      • botrix config waypoint unreachable: bots can erase path between waypoints after X failed tries
  • Mod vars (such as player's speed / width / height / jump height, etc.) are read from config.ini. This can be helpful for other MODs based on Source engine to adapt Botrix's bots.
  • Some fixes for bot logic.
  • Removed so much console log for bots (now they are using log modes 'trace'/'debug' instead of 'info').
    This was slowing down significantly the game play.
v1.0.0 (April 8 2020)
  • Fixed crashes:
    • when respawning bot was killing another bot on the same position (occuring a lot after map change).
    • while flying on the map & getting far away.
  • Auto-completion for commands is working again (updated & compiled Source SDK 2013). Better auto-completion, also with players / weapons / items names! Obviously it's not for the dedicated server.
  • Bot now can open doors (should be unlocked) and press elevators buttons. Check out waypoints section in my home page.
  • Different player models are working now, but teamplay combines are always using combine_soldier (SDK issue).
  • Fixed "bot add command" for teamplay that wasn't changing bot's team. Now bots are joining the right team, no more auto-balancing.
  • New features:
    • All commands now accept "help" argument, printing how to use them. Example: botrix bot add help.
    • Moved commands "bot config" to "config bot", as those are really configuration commands.
    • Reordered / changed many commands parameters for better usability / auto-completion.
    • Added new commands:
      • botrix bot protect <player-name> <forever/off/time-amount-in-seconds> <bot-name(s)>
      • botrix config bot protection health <off/health-amount>
      • botrix config bot protection spawn-time <off/time-amount-in-seconds>
      • botrix config bot weapon remove <on/off>
      • botrix config bot weapon default <none/weapon(s)>
  • Fix crash autocompleting commands on listen server. No command completion for now.
  • New features:
    • Running on MacOS X (Mavericks)
    • Added new commands:
      • botrix bot ally <bot-name> <player-name> <yes/no>
      • botrix bot attack <bot-name> <yes/no>
      • botrix bot move <bot-name> <yes/no>
  • Plugin is working with Team Fortress 2 (arena maps for now).
    • Added new weapons handling in config.ini for TF2.
    • Escaping TF2 steam ids in config.ini, for example \[U:1:12345678].
  • New features:
    • Now bots can use melee weapons.
    • Now bots can use unknown weapons.
    • Added logic for bot to pursue enemy.
    • Bots will run randomly near engaged enemy, preferently using visible areas.
    • Waypoint edition: aim at waypoint to select 'path destination'.
    • Added new commands:
      • botrix bot config quota <#number/#player-#bot quota>
      • botrix bot config intelligence <bot-intelligence>
      • botrix bot config team <bot-team>
      • botrix bot config class <bot-class>
      • botrix bot config change-class <round-limit>
      • botrix bot config strategy flags
      • botrix bot config strategy set
      • botrix bot command <bot-name> <command>
      • botrix bot weapon add <bot-name> <weapon-name>
      • botrix bot weapon unknown <melee/ranged>
      • botrix config log <log-level>
      • botrix enable/disable
  • Bug fixes:
    • Correct handling of plugin_pause/plugin_unpause commands.
    • Sometimes bot wasn't aware it picked up item.
    • Sometimes bot was shooting at spectator.
    • When bot was trying to use weapon he actually was creating it.
    • Waypoints weren't loading for maps with different case (linux).
    • Fixed command botrix bot kick <bot-name/all>.
  • Works in Linux.
  • Default base folder location is addons/botrix.
  • Searching for base folder in 4 different locations (BASE, GAME, MOD, addons folders).
  • Log with levels (none, trace, debug, info, warning, error).
  • Added command "version".
  • Don't repeat bot names.
  • Fixed several crashes.