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If you still didn't read the Waypoints section, please do.

First of all, show waypoints / paths / entities (such as buttons & doors) with "j" key from botrix.cfg or next commands:
botrix waypoint drawtype  line text
botrix path drawtype line
botrix item draw button door

Waypoints location

Place 2 waypoints near the door. The door entity, when closed, should be located exactly between those 2 waypoints. There should be 2 yellow lines from the door entity to the both waypoints:
Basic door waypoints

By default, the plugin will detect that those waypoints are placed near the door and will mark the path accordingly (as 'door' path).

But anyway you should make sure that the path is marked as 'door' with argument matching door number. If you press H ("botrix path info"), it should print:
[Botrix] Path (from 4 to 3) has flags: door.
[Botrix] Door 4.
Also remember to make sure the same is happening with the inversed path.

For now on, I will refer to this kind of path as door's path.

The door entity text should say "opened", when the door is opened and "closed" when the door is closed:Basic door waypoints

When there are 2 different doors near each other, you should place the waypoints independently, and in a way that waypoints paths won't mix with each other (no path between 13-15 and 14-16):
Basic door waypoints

Unlocked doors

If you can open the door with the USE key, then that's it! Close the door, aim at the waypoint on the other side and press "," on the keyboard to test it ("botrix bot test").

Simple elevators

If you have a simple elevator, which goes up when you press a button, and gets down after a couple of seconds (or viceversa),
Basic door waypoints

then all you need to do is:
  • Add a waypoint near the button (press F6 looking at the button).
  • Press the button and add waypoint on the other floor.
  • Mark the path from the button to the other floor as 'elevator' ("botrix path addtype elevator").
Basic door waypoints

Hope it's easy enough, play with it and please remember to "botrix bot test" it.