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Here you can find newest waypoints for HL2DM & TF2 maps.

I have created this awesome YouTube's playlist, demonstrating how to create waypoints, you should check it out!

I hope you know how to use console commands. Basically the idea is that you show the console, pressing the ` key; input a command, and that command does something.
The most important command is to show waypoints, you do this inputting:
botrix waypoint drawtype beam
in the console, and this shows waypoints for the current map.

Waypoints are connected with paths. Bot uses those paths to move from one waypoint to another. Paths also can have type, for example if bot needs to duck (sit down, CTRL key) before move from one waypoint to another, then the path type is 'crouch'. To show paths, input in the console:
botrix path drawtype beam

You will see that one of the waypoints has label destination and other has label current. Basically current waypoint is the closest one to you; and destination is the waypoint where you are looking at, and I will call that path as current path. You can add a path from current to destination (current path) using command:
botrix path create


You can also assign keyboard key to some command (this is called binding), so you don't need to input that command every time, but just press a key on the keyboard instead.
For example:
botrix waypoint create
creates a waypoint at current player position. This command you will use often, so if you input in the console:
bind "F1" "botrix waypoint create"
after that you can just press F1 key to create a waypoint.

Configuration file

I have created this awesome configuration file that binds almost everything you need !!!

Basically this configuration file has all the needed binds to create waypoints. If you copy this file into hl2mp/cfg folder, just input in the console:
exec botrix
and the configuration file with the binds will be loaded.

The binds of this configuration file are:

h - reset current waypoint & print waypoint's and path's info.
j - show waypoints / paths / items.
k - hide them.

F1 - create waypoint at player position.
F2 - remove the waypoint you are aiming at (the one that is marked with word 'destination').
F3 - move the destination waypoint to your position.

F4 - mark waypoint as 'health charger' (you need to look at the charger device).
F5 - mark waypoint as 'armor charger' (you need to look at the charger device).
F6 - mark waypoint as 'button' (you need to look at the button).
F7 - unmark waypoint.

F8 - start/stop analyzing waypoints. This should be done as a first step.
F9 - add waypoint for analysis. You should add a waypoint at the desired position first.
F10 - remove waypoint from analysis.
F11 - clear all added / removed waypoints for analysis.

F12 - save waypoints (they are saved in botrix/waypoints folder as <map-name>.way).

MINUS(-) - add current path (from current waypoint to destination waypoint).
EQUAL (=) - remove current path.
BACKSPACE - unmark current path.

i - mark current path as 'door' (to use with button waypoint to press buttons).
o - mark current path as 'ladder' (so bot can use that ladder).
p - mark current path as 'break' (so bot uses crowbar and hits, for example to break a glass on it's way).
[ - add 'jump' type to current path (so bot jumps from current to destination waypoint). By default, bot will jump after half second, the command used is: "botrix path argument 5 10". Use different time if you need to.
] - add 'crouch' type to current path (so bot ducks before moving to destination waypoint).

. - add random bot.
/ - kick random bot.
, - test current path, creates bot that goes from current waypoint to destination waypoint.

HOME - use another draw indicator for waypoints.
END - use another draw indicators for waypoint and bot paths.

PGUP - auto-create waypoints. Waypoints will be added when you run from the last placed waypoint.
PGDN - turn off auto-create waypoints.

Ride on!

First thing  you want to do is auto analyze waypoints for this map, so you run command:
'botrix waypoint analyze toggle' by pressing F8. This will add many waypoints in almost all places, mark waypoints with health / item / weapon / ammo / chargers and will create ladder paths.

After map analysis is done, check all the areas and make sure that the needed area is reachable or unreachable by using F9 / F10 binds.

So, you move around the map, pressing F1 / F9 to add waypoints. Waypoint paths will be added automatically between nearby waypoints, but maybe you will need to add some paths and path types (or remove some path types if they were added erroneously).

Play with it, test it, don't forget to save waypoints (press F12) before exiting and send them to me :)
I will publish them and give you all the credits.

But please don't send me unedited waypoints after map analysis; although map analysis function is pretty good, but it doesn't cover things like crouching / jumping far with sprint / heavy objects that bots can't lift with gravity gun / doors / elevators, etc.

Let me know if you have any questions.